Six top perks of working in waiting

What makes waiting work such a popular option when it comes to work? Well, there are lots of reasons. These are only six of the main ones, but whether or not you've tried waiting yourself, we're sure you can think of others!

Top tips

Entry level waiting work often pays at or a little above the Minimum Wage. But there's plenty of chance to get a little more on top of that, because this is one line of work where the public are expected to tip.

Sometimes your tips will be yours to keep, sometimes there will be a system where everyone's tips are shared with colleagues. But either way, this is a great way for your performance to have a real impact on what you take home.


Meeting new people is fun. Yes, every so often you might get a tricky customer, but for the most part you'll meet nice members of the public who you'll be able to help have a great meal – something that many waiting staff find very satisfying.

There's lots of variety

There are so many different sorts of environment that it's possible to wait it. For example, you might be working in the restaurant at a new and exciting museum or theatre, or on a ship or in a bustling bar – and experience at any one of these places can be transferred to the others.

It keeps you busy

Sitting down all day isn't for all of us. Waiting keeps you on your feet and on your toes. You get to move around all day, which could even help with fitness levels! And every new customer will bring a new experience, so it's not just the same people you'll be talking to each day.

There are huge numbers of job opportunities

Some lines of work only offer up job openings rarely. Not so with waiting. Every town and city in the country has its eateries, and these will often be hiring. If you want to move from one place to another, and you have waiting experience, you should be in quite a good position when you look for relevant hospitality jobs in your new location.  There's a much higher chance that restaurants will be hiring, compared to a lot of other types of employer.

Take part in people's big life events

People often head out to eat when there's something to celebrate, so waiting work helps you play a little role in people's big days. You'll also be tuned into events like Christmas, Valentine's Day etc, when your employer will often be trying to draw plenty of extra custom in. 

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