Sheffield tops UK clean hotel list

Sheffield hotels have scored best for their cleanliness on a new chart.

The city gets a score of 8.15 out of ten on a new top ten based on the UK's ten biggest cities from, a booking portal.

The results are based on analysis of feedback from people using the portal.

Liverpool was second in the list with a score of 8.12, Bristol third with 8.10, Leeds fourth, also with 8.10 and Edinburgh fifth with 7.97.

The overall mark for the UK was 7.66, which compares to 8.46 for Switzerland and 8.40 Austria.

Out of the ten biggest UK cities, Glasgow scored 7.90, Manchester 7.75, Leicester 7.64, London 7.52 and Birmingham 7.42.

Another chart has been made using a selection of international city locations.

Tokyo was on top with 8.93, ahead of the rest of the top five: Warsaw, Seoul, Bratislava and Sofia.

The data is based on hotel scores from guests that have made a booking through

They can rate value for money, room quality and staff competence and friendliness as well as cleanliness. advises people who find signs that a hotel room in unclean to talk to staff or a tour operator rep.

"Complaints should be made at once to the local representative or to the hotel management. It is not sufficient to merely inform the staff at the reception desk", according to managing director, Ralf Priemer.

"If the inadequacies cannot be corrected locally and the dispute cannot be resolved the complaint should be made in writing and accompanied with photographs."

The site even suggests that, in these circumstance, it is worth thinking about legal action – though it adds that people should think carefully about whether a claim will be worth legal action about.

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