‘Sexiest hotel in Europe’ to open in Manchester

The Bespoke Hotel Group has announced that it is planning to open the 60-bedroom Gotham Hotel in Manchester, which chairman Robin Sheppard has dubbed "the sexiest hotel in Europe".

The new venue, which used to be the old headquarters for the Midland Bank and was designed by architect Sir Edward Lutyens, will be located on King Street. The Marshall Construction Group will now convert the site into a luxury hotel with 60 bedrooms, a private members' bar, roof garden and a restaurant. There will also be a series of deluxe suites that will boast their own private internal garden.

It is nearly 80 years since Mr Lutyens designed 100 King Street. The architect is famous for a series of other buildings and monuments, such as Greywalls hotel in East Lothian. Not only will this development create a series of construction jobs for the local area, but it is hoped that hospitality employment will be boosted once the hotel finally opens its doors.

Mr Sheppard said: “Hotel Gotham promises to be a fun, witty destination and a little bit naughty. We want it to be the sexiest hotel in Europe. Working with the skills of the Marshall Construction Group team as our partners, we hope to open up the character of this majestic building and present it to the Manchester public as a hotel they can be truly proud of."

Simon Marshall, managing director of the Marshall Construction Group, added that the project team is also very grateful to Manchester's Planning Authority, which is supposedly very enthusiastic towards the scheme.

Construction on the site will begin in March 2014. Gotham Hotel will then open to the public in spring 2015.

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