Seasonal work: how to score a hospitality job around Christmas

The Christmas and New Year period is one of the busiest times of the year for restaurants and bars, which means many of them will be looking for temporary staff to help out over the coming couple of months.


This presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone searching for bar work or other hospitality jobs – and now is definitely the time to start looking.


Be proactive


Rather than sitting and waiting for jobs to appear online or in the local paper, get out and about and start distributing your CV. Pop into any bars or restaurants you’d like to work at and don’t forget to visit a specialist recruitment agency – they’ll be able to match your skills to the positions they have available, giving you a hassle-free introduction to a new job.


Make sure your CV stresses your experience of working in a busy hospitality environment – businesses will want people who can hit the ground running at this time of year, not staff that they need to do a lot of training with.


If you do land a job at a bar or restaurant and you’re not given hours in the new year, don’t despair. Leave your contact details with your manager and tell them to get in touch if anyone lets them down – if you can be a reliable stand-in, you’ll be the first person they think of when they have a vacancy.


Don’t treat it as temporary work


When you’re only contracted for a matter of weeks or maybe two months, it can be tempting to be lazy and not put much effort into your job – but that’s a big mistake. If you want to hold on to your role once the busy period has died down, you need to be at the top of your game during the festive season.


Always turn up on time or early for your shifts, help out wherever you can – even if it’s not strictly your job – and go the extra mile to make sure all your customers have a fantastic day or evening.


Try your best to work all of the busiest days and evenings, too – the weekend before Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are particularly hectic, and are also dates that other members of staff may want to have off. Take these shifts and your boss will definitely be grateful and remember your sacrifice.


When managers start allocating hours in the quiet winter months of January and February, they offer them to their hardest working and most reliable members of staff – if you’ve been slacking off over Christmas, don’t expect to be on the rota when things quieten down.


Have fun


Christmas can be a really fun time to be working in the hospitality industry, with lots of office parties and festive gatherings bringing people into bars and restaurants up and down the country. Everyone’s generally in a good mood, so make the most of this, have some banter with your customers and enjoy the experience of working at this time of the year.


Do your best to get on with everyone you work with, as this will help you integrate into the team and will mean you’re more likely to be considered for hours in the new year. You’ll also enjoy being at work a lot more if you think of the other people there as friends rather than just colleagues.


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