Searching through an online job board

Searching through an online job board

The internet is a great help in most people’s job search these days.

For example, it can put you in touch with organisations like Berkeley Scott – and we can improve your chances of securing work, and provide you with plenty of job ads to check out.

Going through ads isn’t a tough task, of course. But if you use some tips to try and make the most of jobs boards like the one on our site, these tools could prove even more helpful.

Narrow it down

There’s a reason our jobs board starts with a host of search options – these are incredibly useful.

To begin with, make exacting use of the perimeters we let you control here. Pick your sector, your location and whether you want temporary, permanent or contract work.

Then, choose your ideal role in the ‘specialist area’ box and run your first search using this. You may want to do several searches, all for different roles or even sectors, if you’re on the look out for a variety of types of work.

Once you’ve seen what’s out there in a geographical location you ideally want to work in, you can widen the search to other locations if you wish. This will give you more choice, but may mean you would need to consider relocating for a role.

Remember that you can search by desired salary, too.

Once you’ve found everything you can using the search function, if you have time you may want to go through our full listings, just in case something turns up that wouldn’t have fitted your searches but does fit what you’re after when it comes to work.

Reading the ads

Once you hit search, a list of job ads come up, and you may be confronted with quite a few, even if you’ve used search to narrow things.

Why not try this process: Read each headline and description to see if a post is for you.

When one sparks your interest, click the link. If you prefer, you could do so using right click or, on a Mac, holding down command and then clicking – these are two ways to get the link to open in a new tab.

But if you open in the same tab or window, you can always use the back button to return to your search results once you’ve read an ad.

Why not bookmark the pages of ads that you want to apply for later, so you can get to them quickly on another occasion?

You should use two main considerations when picking what you want to make applications for the soonest: Think about how much you want the job and also when applications for the post close, if there’s a date given.

Remember, it’s not just your own skills you might want to think about as you browse our job ads. Our ‘Recommend a Friend‘ feature means you could even get cash if you tell someone you know about us!