Restaurants ought to demonstrate sustainable seafood choices, say consumers

Six in ten British consumers think restaurants ought to demonstrate the presence of sustainable seafood dishes on their menus, according to recently released research.

The same survey, carried out for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), showed 71 per cent think it important for supermarkets to have seafood which is sustainably caught on their shelves.

The independant research was international, and suggests that nine in ten people in the countries looked at believe in the importance of sea sustainability.

Six in ten people internationally and 67 per cent of Brits think the purchase of sustainably sourced seafood will help to safeguard fish stocks for years to come.

Just six per cent of Brits had noticed seafood ecolabels as part of menus when dining out.

The stats suggest British consumers are more likely to trust ecolabels than the brand promises on items, supermarket information and recommendations from people they know.

Two in three British consumers are planning on purchasing more MSC labeled products going forward, with the same number saying they would advise their relatives and friends to buy these.

There were 610 responses used in the UK, all from regular fish buyers with food buying responsibility who do most of their shopping at one of a range of listed shops.

"British consumers have demonstrated once again that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to demanding sustainable seafood. Some retailers and restaurants have responded well to this demand, but others have much further to go to meet the expectations of shoppers and diners when it comes to for sustainable seafood," commented MSC senior UK manager, Toby Middleton.