Quirky and bizarre: The top ten weirdest restaurants in London

For a unique and exciting dining experience, you can be sure that the capital city has plenty to offer. Here are ten of our top favourites.

The Wapping Project

This great spot is located in an old hydraulic power station on Wapping High Street. Enjoy your brunch with all the machines among you, while the large exhibition space at the back usually showcases a variety of installations every month.


At first, you may think there is not much to this place, but then have a gander at the menu. Kangaroo, crocodile, ostrich, locusts, crickets, wildebeest and even chocolate-covered scorpions are just some of the delicacies you can try here. Not for the faint-hearted!

Beach Blanket Babylon

Before you fill up your stomach, you will need to get through a maze of connected tunnels, corridors, staircases and bridges. Looking like the lovechild of a French chateau and an English manor house, this offers great modern European grub and stunning surroundings.

Les Trois Garçons

This former pub has now been converted into a snazzy French bistro, where you can see the snazzy antiques and quite creepy taxidermy. This spot has even proven popular with various celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Liz Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow.


This technological spot enables you to make orders from a 3D menu which is projected on your table. You can even find out about the neighbourhood and even book your taxi home, all from the table itself. The oriental fusion menu is pretty tasty too.

Dans le Noir

If eating in complete darkness is your thing, this is the place to head to. As your senses are heightened, you will also be served by all blind waiters. A unique opportunity not to be missed.


British designer Tom Dixon was responsible for this futuristic decor. Sip on cocktails and indulge in lavish dinners, while also enjoying a series of circus and cabaret acts. Whether it is acrobats hanging over your table or performers getting on the table itself, this will be a night you will not forget anytime soon.

Bunga Bunga

You will enter this Italian spot through a dramatic velvet curtain to reveal the quirky design features such as the lamps fashioned from upside-down Vespa helmets and authentic Italian posters before heading to the fantastic gondola-shaped bar. Be sure not to miss the whole wall tribute to Silvio Berlusconi.


This Mediterranean and Turkish restaurant on Drury Lane has an opera theme and you can even enjoy some nice performances while tucking into your dish. For the theatrical, this is the place to scream about.


If you like your experiences both high- and low-class, bubbledogs has it all. A champagne bar that also serves hot dogs, you can order the drink from the bottle and any beef, pork or vegetarian dogs. Signature dishes include the K-Dawg (with kimchi, fermented red bean paste and lettuce) or the Breakie (with fried egg, tomato relish and black pudding bits).

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