Progressing in hospitality, one tweet at a time

In this digital age, it is not surprising that social networking is being adopted as a method to either get onto the career ladder or progress up it quickly and efficiently. Whether it is LinkedIn or Facebook, both employees and employers are finding unique ways to fill up vacancies for hospitality jobs. However, you may just find that Twitter is your next point-of-call in order to secure that all-important promotion.

Start tweeting

Twitter. It's more than just that pesky blue bird. Many companies will post their vacancies on their Twitter accounts or share industry news, which means that the networking site becomes a great place for those who want to move on up. However, this is not just what Twitter is useful for.

Before you do anything, you need to make sure that you are very much in the 'Twitter loop'. If you are going to tweet just once a month, there is no point, so be sure to start following your colleagues and friends. Give yourself enough time to talk about topics you like, whilst also being able to build a foundation of new followers. Invest time to establish a presence on the site, as you may soon find that your industry insights are being shared.

Remember: you want to be tweeting about what your followers will be interested in. Share news, but add your own personal touch to it, so employers will know that you care about the sector but also figure out how you could fit into their business individually.

Hunt tweeting

When adding new followers, never do it just to rack up the numbers. Always use your account professionally and think carefully about what could be gained if you have a new follower. If someone tweets useful tips and advertises open positions, then these are the companies you are wanting to look for. Also ensure that you keep an eagle eye on what your friends are sharing, as this can often be a perfect way to spread the word about new job opportunities.

Companies will often use hashtags when posting vacancies so that they can be found. Usually searching for terms like #careeradvice, #jobsearch, #jobs, #recruiting, and #jobsearch will be a great way to start but then aim to specialise further such as #hospitalityjobs, #hoteljobs or #chefjobs.

There will also be a variety of industry discussions that will be the perfect platform for you to not only show off your skills but reveal your keen interest for the sector. Be sure to share your ideas, ask any questions that you may have and network with leading experts.

Twitter can be the perfect employment tool if adopted rightly. The job board of the future may just look a lot like the twitterverse.

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