Positive perseverance: Get into hospitality with limited experience

With over ten percent of the UK’s population working in hospitality, Britain's 4th largest industry is often a great place to find a work. According to the British Hospitality Association the sector is responsible for 27.7 per cent of overall job growth in the UK. Even for those with little or no experience, there are certain ways to increase your prospects of landing a hospitality job.

Applying for jobs

Call into pubs, restaurants and hotels in your local area with your CV. There is no harm in asking about potential vacancies, many hospitality establishments are always looking for casual or part-time staff. Making a face-to-face approach can also help your chances of success as it shows a hands-on approach which is essential for working in hospitality. 

Some recruiters solely work in the hospitality sector so it is also worth registering with this type of agency.


Use your previous experience

You may not have any specific hospitality work experience but chances are your other work experience will come in handy. When writing your CV ensure that you tailor previous job roles towards the things you think a hospitality manager would look for in their staff. 

For example if you have call centre or face-to-face sales experience you may have relevant people skills which you can use in a front of house position. 

Hospitality staff are expected to be reliable and responsible, if you can demonstrate this through your previous work history potential employers may be more likely to take you on.

Take relevant courses

There are many courses you can take to help gain experience in the hospitality industry. This can be a good way of increasing your knowledge of the sector and it will also stand out on your CV. Food handling and preparation, barista and cocktail training are some ideas of courses you might take.

Volunteering in local cafes or at charity events can also be a good way of gaining experience, this will also help to promote a strong work ethic.

Positive attitude

A job in hospitality has as much to do with your personality as it does with experience. If you are willing to learn and work hard managers are more likely to take you on and give you a chance.

You may have a short interview followed by a trial shift, this is common in the industry as it allows managers to see how you do first hand.

While you will not be expected to pick everything up at once it is important that you show enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Whether you are applying for a kitchen position or front of house staff a ‘can-do’ attitude will go a long way with the establishment manager. 

Many of the traits for a successful career in hospitality stem from a willingness to learn and a good work ethic.

Don't be afraid to ask

Working in a busy hotel, pub or restaurant can often be daunting as they tend to be fast paced environments. If you are given a trial shift and you are unsure of something, don't panic, ask the manager or another member of staff for help! 

Everyone one has to start somewhere in hospitality and others are often very friendly and eager to help new starters regardless of their experience.