Poll shows 16 per cent of Brits working Christmas Day 2014

People in hospitality jobs often see going into work over the Christmas break as a normal part of their working lives – and some even think it's fun!

Hospitality workers are, of course, not alone in sometimes needing to work the festive holidays, and recent thinkmoney.co.uk survey research shows that 19 per cent of Brits are set to work on Boxing Day this year, with almost as large a proportion, 16 per cent, set to work December 25th itself.

It's not hospitality, but retail, where the highest proportion of people say they'll be working Christmas Day.

It was found that 26 per cent of the people questioned who work in this sector are going to work on December 25th, compared to 17 per cent of the NHS workers questioned and 13 per cent of the hospitality and entertainment sector workers.

Emergency services (nine per cent), transport (six per cent), utilities (five per cent), charity (five per cent) logistics (four per cent) and sport (one per cent) are also on the list of sectors in which some people will work Christmas Day, according to the OnePoll survey of 2,000 people.

The same set of statistics shows that 12 per cent of hospitality and entertainment sector workers will be heading to their workplace on Boxing Day – which again put this as third in the list of sectors where the biggest proportions of workers will be working the holiday.

Nine in ten people working Christmas Day say they'll be celebrating the occasion on another day.

Asked why they were working December 25th, one in three said it's their turn to do that this year. Meanwhile, 32 per cent said they are contracted to work that day, while 28 per cent are doing so as they are paid overtime for this.

Seven per cent had volunteered to head into work as they simply do not celebrate Christmas.