Pizza Hut runs extended buffet deal

Pizza Hut is running an Extended Buffet deal which will be in place in locations when it is half term this month.

The deal will be in place in most restaurants when half term is underway in the area they are based in, though not every restaurant will be running it.

Pizza Hut has advised people to call in advance to check the deal is in place at a particular restaurant.

The deal, which could well see those in hospitality jobs with the restaurants serve more customers, provides an unlimited buffet of pizzas, salad and pasta through to the later-than-usual time of 5pm.

Pizza included in the buffet includes Margherita and Double Pepperoni on Italian and pan bases.

Special deals can be one way for restaurants, either those with multiple locations or just one, to increase customer numbers in a given time frame. Those working in hospitality jobs in restaurants may well have seen deals promoted in their workplace during their time there.

News of the extended buffet comes after Pizza Hut in the UK gave word that its restaurants had received Gluten Free accreditation.

The brand says it's put a hard work into making sure its toppings and sauces are free from gluten – in restaurants and in its take-away locations.

Its special gluten free bases have a special shape which means they are easily distinguished from other bases that do contain gluten.

"Our gluten-free pizza base and other products offer customers more options for eating with friends and family who may have specific dietary requirements and with over 300 restaurants and to choose from across the UK you’re never far away from your nearest Pizza Hut," commented Pizza Hut head of QA and health and safety Richard Burgham.