Pizza Hut restaurants get GF accreditation

The UK Pizza Hut website reports that pizza restaurants have been given Gluten Free (GF) accreditation.

The brand has a gluten-free base that can be ordered for pizzas and this along with other items this gives customers a greater choice when they eat out with family and friends who might have particular dietary requirements, according to head of QA/ health and safety for Pizza Hut, Richard Burgham.

"With over 300 restaurants and to choose from across the UK you’re never far away from your nearest Pizza Hut," he added.

Pizza Hut took out No Gluten-Containing Ingredients (NGCI) accreditation in late 2012.

It says that, after it saw a lot of success with this and got a year of experience offering customers these sorts of items, it made the decision that it was ready to take on GF accreditation.

The brand has put in work to make sure topping items and sauces used in restaurants and for take away items it produces are gluten-free, as well as offering bases that don't contain gluten.

Their gluten-free bases have a special oblong shape to distinguish them from non-GF pizzas, meaning customers can remain confident they're definitely getting the sort of pizza they want.

It can pay for people in hospitality jobs in restaurants to be aware of the fact that some customers are likely to want GF food, vegetarian food or other items that meet certain dietary requirements.

By being aware of what is on the menu that fits in with such needs, they'll quickly be able to help if a customers asks about such things. This will help to develop a good relationship with the customer straight away.

Even if the place you work has limited GF options, for example, it's much better to be able to convey that information quickly and sympathetically than need to keep the customer waiting by asking someone else.

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