Perfecting your CV hobby section

A CV isn't all about things you've done at work and in the world of education – although often these will rightly take up a lot of the space you have on the document.

There's also the chance to talk about things you do in your leisure time, for example hobbies.

For many of us, a hobbies section is a way to round-off the CV, and add a little extra colour to proceedings.

One benefit of having a section like this is that it's nice but not vital; a part of the CV that's easily trimmed if you need to find room for other details like a new qualification.

And with most of us aiming to keep our CVs to a strict two sides in length, space is often at a premium!

If you can fit some hobbies in, though, this can really help enhance your CV. Here are some tips to help that hobby section shine.

Keep it relevant

Not all hobbies are equal when it comes to job applications. The ones you're really going to want to include will either show you're interesting or be directly relevant to the industry you want to work in.

A good example is saying you enjoy visiting and comparing coffee shops, if you're applying for a barista job. A less successful example would be saying you 'just like to watch TV' – this doesn't stand out.

Be active

Active and interesting hobbies are a good way to go when it comes to things that don't link directly to the job you're going for.

In basic terms, if you need to put a bit of effort into the hobby, this is often a sign that it will look good on a CV.

Things like five a side football (which is a good way to show you often work in a team) or amateur dramatics (a good sign of confidence) are often useful to include.

Be colourful

It's better to mention a particular play you've been in and when than simply state the generic phrase 'ameteur drama'. Obviously don't bog the section down with too many details, but do think about how you can keep it looking individual and different from everyone else's hobby section!

Don't space-fill

The hobbies section isn't an excuse to use a page up. If your CV is a little shorter than you'd like, because you're just starting out for example, there's no need to artificially stretch things to two sides. Include just enough information to cover your important hobbies in an interesting way.

Don't fib

Yes, the fact you've said you run a half marathon every Tuesday isn't something that's necessarily going to be easy to disprove, but if it's a lie, it's still a big no no to include it on your CV.

If you don't feel like you have any exciting hobbies to include, why not take one up? That way you get the fun of the hobby, and possibly some new skills that will help you in your job hunt!

Three great hobbies that link to the world of work –

Team sport: This can be great to help show you know how to deal with the responsibility of being in a team, and spend your free time in an active way.

Drama: Another team activity. If you're used to getting up in front of people and performing, you may be that bit more prepared to be outgoing and confident in front of customers.

Charity work: This can help show that you care about the world and are trying to do good in it.