Oops…am I about to get fired?

You have fallen into a daily routine and are now complacent about your job. You have been working there for years and you are essentially untouchable. And then one day, your boss tells you that you are unemployed.

How did this happen? Did you see it coming? Could you have prepared for this? Here are five ways in which you can read the signs in order to prepare for that falling axe.

Are you still in the loop?

There was a time when you were in the central social circle and you knew about what was going on behind the scenes of the business. However, it has got to a point now where no one will tell you what is going on, whether it is about work or social gatherings. If you are not communicating properly with executive management still or if your sole purpose at work is for inane banter, then you may want to push yourself back into attention, or you may find yourself fired soon.

Are you being replaced?

If new, young and experienced candidates are joining, then you may be the old blood they are wanting to drain out. You could try your hardest, but getting good feedback will be like pulling teeth, while your rapport with your team will be weak. If new people are coming in and starting to beat you on the career ladder, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Are you being pushed to holidays?

Sometimes, your boss may not know how to word it well so might ask you 'take a holiday' for a few weeks. This will give them enough time to formulate an exit strategy for you. Remember: this is not the type of holiday to praise your recent work or to give you a treat for doing well. This is the type where your boss has no idea what to do with you anymore.

Are you even right for the job?

Sometimes, the novelty of a job just wears off and both you and your employer realise that you were not right for the job after all. Time has passed and you are starting to stand out from your colleagues, and you are starting to not attend meetings and out-of-work dos. These all point to bad signs.

Did you have a bad review?

Reviews can always be a positive step to develop your career, but if the focus has been on all your negatives, something is wrong. Having your boss pay attention is great, but not all the time, and if you were being celebrated, you would never be put under the microscope this way. A direct blow to how you have been performing is never a good sign.

If you are lucky enough to have seen any of these signs, you need to now act fast to save your job. Otherwise, the only thing you will face is a cut.

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