One-click Wi-Fi comes to glh properties

All glh. properties are now home to one-click BT Wi-fi, with visitors enjoying fast complimentary connections thanks to a team-up between the two brands.

Guests at glh. Thistle properties used in excess of one billion minutes of Wi-Fi connection last year.

And a BDRC Continental report showed that guests think of free Wi-Fi as having the same level of importance as sleeping well.

glh. is BT's largest free Wi-Fi user and now lets people use free, quick Wi-Fi without limits in spaces such as lobby areas and bedrooms.

Smartphones and other devices that allow for Wi-Fi connection have risen in popularity, commented BT Wi-fi CEO Erik Raphael.

This has meant that customers have a desire to hit the internet anywhere.

"glh. is revolutionising the modern hotel industry and technology will continue to play a key part in differentiating the discerning hotel guest’s experience. We’re delighted to be playing a fundamental role in improving the experience for their customers," he added.

Also commenting, the CEO of glf, Mike DeNoma has said: “No registrations, no limitations and no fine print, just fast, free unlimited BT Wi-fi."

He said that glf was making a long-term customer loyalty investment by putting money into the latest BT tech to make sure visitors can access "free, fast, and one-click to connect Wi-Fi".

glf is a GuocoLeisure Group subsidiary and it owns Thistle hotels in various UK locations as well as a variety of London hotels.

It announced Clermont and Amba, two new new hotel brands, in 2012, and also announced a pair of new hotels internationally.

People in customer-facing hospitality jobs in hotels ought to know about their location's Wi-Fi, and how customers can connect to it. This way they can answer questions about the service, should they be asked. Being able to provide this sort of information will help improve a customer's impression of the hotel.