New team-up between favouritetable and BHA

The British Hospitality Association and have created a just-announced partnership together. is a restaurant and pub listing and booking service, and a new offer means that members of the BHA who aren't part of the service are able to join up for free for one month to be part of its reservation system.

They will also get set up for free and a reduced price for at least three years if they sign up more permanently.

BHA chief executive Ufi Ibrahim commented that brilliant quality and service, and word of mouth, make hospitality thrive.

"Now, more than ever, peer-to-peer recommendations are influencing the choices customers make when it comes to dining out, and has shaped this burgeoning trend into a popular and insightful resource. We’re delighted to have on board as a partner," Ibrahim added.

favouritetable is run by people who used to operate eateries, and run for people who currently do the same: As such, it has an understanding of "the challenges that hospitality businesses face when it comes to implementing the correct technology," said managing director Andre Delanchy.

He also said that a lot of eateries are challenged by the task of bringing in new customers.

Such venues can spend a lot of money and time, and be overwhelmed, in adapting to the changing landscape of connecting to customers on their own site, other people's sites, apps and social platforms, the managing director said.

FavouriteTable has the infrastructure, tools which are simple to use and levels of service to get restaurants connected with their customers, he explained – tools that mean the restaurant is in total control.

On its website, Favouritetable cites Google Analytics data showing that it has an average 132,000 visitors monthly, as of July.

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