New Heston Blumenthal eatery coming to Heathrow

The revamped Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 is set to become home to The Perfectionists’ Cafe this summer. The eatery, from celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, will open June 4th 2014.

Some 18 months of development from Heston and colleagues has already gone into the concept for the venue and its menu. The chef has explained that airport outlets have different demands to his team's other eateries.

"Some guests will have very little time to spend with us and others, in transit or with longer check-ins, will have time to linger. The restaurant will of course cater to both, but we want to deliver food that is fun and familiar – food that is stimulating to the palate and at the same time easy to enjoy," he commented.

The restaurant has been developed by Heston, alongside his team, which Ashley Palmer-Watts, group executive head chef, and Julian O'Neill, head chef, lead.

Its menu is set to include examples of Britain's favourite food – as well as a twist of the eccentric. One of the dishes will be Fish and Chips, which will include special 'ultimate crunchy batter'. Meanwhile, Heathrow's first wood burning oven is set to provide pizzas.

"When we made [TV show] ‘In Search of Perfection’ we travelled to Naples in Italy and spent hours researching the exact temperature of pizza ovens that deliver the perfect crispy but chewy base with meltingly soft toppings," Heston has commented.

The team was aware that this couldn't be achieved at Heathrow without the correct oven, meaning it was very lucky that one was was able to be incorporated into the eatery's design, he added.

Meanwhile, the Cafe will boast a nostalgic style, with a taste of 1960s aviation.

Talking about the restaurant's name, Richard Seymour, from the Seymour Powel design agency has said: "The shift of emphasis from the creator to the diner themselves, by moving the inverted comma to the end of the word, pays homage to a customer who's fed-up with junk, but wants exceptional food quickly. We called it a cafe because that's what it is: fast, friendly and informal."

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