Monopoly and Mumbles: The best pub crawls in the UK

Nothing beats a classic bar crawl. You and your friends dressed up like fools, skipping from each bar, these tours are what memories are made for. Here are a few of the best bar crawls that the UK has to offer.

The Monopoly crawl, London

This is probably the most extensive crawl you will ever do. As it's name suggests, yes you have guessed it, you will have to go across all 26 London streets and stations that are represented on the standard Monopoly board. Doing it in board order, you start off on old Kent Road and then make your way across the capital city, having a drink at each pub at each stop. Many game fanatics will begin the crawl at 11am, just south of the river, and then live it up at Mayfair 12 hours later. Indeed, like the game itself, this crawl will take you a day to finish.

Whether it is Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street, a haunt for literary figures including Charles Dickens, or Mayfair's Ye Grapes, you will undoubtedly have one hell of a time. Shoe, boot, car; the option is yours.

The Otley Run, Leeds

Kicking off around five miles from the city centre, at Woodies Ale House in Headingley, there are 16 pubs to have a bash at here. You will usually kick this off at around 3pm, drinking along Otley Road until you finish the night off in the centre. This crawl is most famous for it's diverse and eclectic costumes, with there always being a 'theme' to adhere to. The best thing is trying to guess the theme, when you drive past a cowboy, an astronaut and a dinosaur.

Seven-legged crawl, Nottingham

This event usually only takes place at the end of October and like all things in this city, it stems from myth. The story goes that when Sir Jesse Boot donated the land in 1921, which would soon become Nottingham University, he stated that students must sacrifice their studies for one day a year in order to take part in debauched fun. Nearly a century later, students will pack up for this amazing bar crawl.

The rules go like this. In teams of six, students must match in fancy dress and then be tied together. A seventh member of the team is then charged to dash to the bar. This event is so big that last year saw nearly 6,000 students take part and raise money for various charities.

King Street Run, Cambridge

This bi-annual crawl is so popular that it's starting pub actually changed its name to the King Street Run. Even though the tour was banned by Cambridge University in 1964, it was restarted in 1982, with some choosing to either do the eight or four pub options depending on your mood. Runners will have to try and down a pint in an hour at each pub.

The Mumbles Mile, Swansea

Actually being a two-mile jaunt on Mumbles Road, you can enjoy these nine pubs at any pace. There will be a mixture of locals and runners at either the Village Inn or at the William Hancock, the latter of which is 160 years old and is supposed to be haunted!

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