Mcdonald’s to sell public-designed burgers

The public have been given the chance to put their creative skills into action by designing burgers for McDonalds UK.

The brand has just launched a campaign called My Burger, and some of the public-designed burgers that come out of it will end up sold in its UK eateries.

The public can put together a custom beef burger using the new 'burger builder' tool online, which features more than 80 potential ingredients.

A panel of judges will start work towards the end of June, following a public vote that will show which of the burger designs, shared over the internet, are proving popular.

Phil Vickery MBE, who has won Masterchef in the past, is going to be part of the panel, which will pass its verdict on the 12 burgers that prove most popular with the public, and eventually pick five as winners.

Other judges will be representatives from the chain and well as someone from the public and an independent expert.

The five lucky burgers are going to end up sold in restaurants over five weeks between October and November this year.

The public can put forward their designs until June 15th, with judging happening on June 29th.

Designers can use six or fewer ingredients from an overall list, beginning the process with a beef patty. The 'burger builder' tool features over one million potential combinations.

“Customisation and digital engagement are becoming an integral part of how consumers interact with companies and we want to continue to innovate as a brand," explained McDonalds senior vice president and chief marketing officer Alistair Macrow.

"That’s why we’re giving our customers the unique chance to design their own burger online with the potential for it to sit side-by-side with the likes of the iconic Big Mac."

In order to canvass support from the public and get past the panel taste test, users will need to consider "what looks, sounds and tastes great,” he said – with the second of these attributes likely referring to the burger name that participants are asked to choose.

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