London ranks well for nightlife in global ranking

TripAdvisor has released new Cities Survey data, putting London in second place globally for its nightlife and third place globally for its shopping.

The English capital was also fourth placed globally for its attractions.

Yet among 37 destinations ranked, London was in 32nd place for the helpfulness of its local people – something people in hospitality jobs no doubt work to counteract every day with excellent service.

Taxi drivers in the city were in the top ten for their friendliness.

The survey ranks major tourist spots globally on their scores in a variety of categories, with results based on responses from TripAdvisor review writers.

“London has always had a lot to offer tourists, so it is no surprise to see the capital ranking high for nightlife, shopping and attractions," said TripAdvisor spokesperson James Kay.

"But it seems we Londoners can still learn a lot from the friendly residents of Tokyo when it comes to making visitors to the city feel at ease."

Tokyo came first in rankings for overall experience, as well as for local helpfulness and in several other categories.

One category looked at was the best places for hotels, with Dubai, Cancun and Bangkok in first, second and third places respectively.

The cities that came out as best for restaurants were New York, Cape Town and Tokyo.

The Cities Survey requested responses from people who had written reviews for locations (for example attractions) in a variety of cities last year. In excess of 54,000 responses were collected overall.

A Barclays report has recently predicted that domestic tourist spending in hospitality, retail and leisure in the UK is going to be worth in excess of £108 billion by 2017, a quarter more compared to last year.

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