London named ‘most costly’ city break location

TripAdvisor research – carried out by Ipsos Mori – has found London to be more expensive for city breaks than any other city looked at globally.

According to the stats, taking an evening out in London with someone else, then staying at a four-star hotel together costs an average of £311.80.

But TripIndex Cities shows that in the most affordable spot to do the same, Hanoi in Vietnam, it would cost an average of only £91.70.

The things taken into account in the research were taxi journeys, cocktails (enjoyed at a five-star hotel), dining out and a stay at a 4 – 4.5 star hotel. The prices represent typical costs in the June to August period. The study looks at 48 tourist cities globally.

In London, the meal (which includes wine) was calculated to cost £77.01, the cocktails £23.40, two short taxi journeys £22.12 and the hotel room £189.27.

The city was ahead of the rest of the top five more expensive places looked at for overall evening out cost: Paris (£305.79), New York (£300.58), Stockholm (£286.87) and Oslo (£273.32).

Last year, Oslo was the number one costly city, but now London has overtaken it, after moving up the top ten most expensive spots by six places.

On hotel room cost alone, New York was shown to have the highest prices. It was found to cost £218.16 for an overnight stay in a four-star venue here, compared to Bangkok where it costs £51.41 to do the same.

It's no secret that London can be a costly place to be. But people in hospitality jobs there know they needn't panic, because London prices don't seem to stop people visiting the city, home to exciting landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The British Museum and countless others.

Indeed, Office for National Statistics figures show that London attracted 16.8 million overseas visitors last year – with more visits than in any year since 1961.

These visitors spent £11.256 million while they were in the city.

And around half of the people who visited the UK from another country headed to London as part of that trip.