Little and large: The craziest nightclubs in the world

Whatever age we are, we all like to let our hair down from time to time and go crazy in a nightclub. However, for a truly bizarre experience, and a night out that you and your mates shall never forget, try any of these on for size.

Chillout (Dubai)

In recent years, ice bars have become something of a common addition to any main strip, but how exactly does an ice bar work in the middle of the Niger desert? Completely sculpted from ice, this is the first-of-its-kind

in the Middle East, and for a tenner's entry, you will even be given a rental coat, gloves and snow boots. If you can't chill out in the middle of the desert, where else can you?

Hobbit House (Philippines)

Yes, you read that correctly. Based on the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy by JRR Tolkien, this venue takes things to an even odder level and hires dwarves for its live entertainment group and bar staff. Whether it is fire-eating hobbits, loopy jugglers or even a tiny Elvis impersonator, this place probably would not pass in the PC-orientated UK, but it has been going strong for nearly the past 40 years. And even more touching is the fact that many of these dwarves have been rescued from the slums of Manila. Simply magical.

The Miniscule of Sound (London, UK)

Trying to poke fun at the mammoth Ministry of Sound in the capital city, this venue is actually the smallest nightclub in the world. Located in the changing room of an outdoor swimming pool that is no longer used, the maximum capacity in this four-foot-by-eight-foot site is only 14. There may be no entry fee but who would not want this level of exclusivity?

Clinic (Singapore)

There are those that may have to be taken to a hospital ward after a heavy night of drinking and partying, but you would never think that you would start your night off at one. Until now. This hospital-themed club offers pill-shaped rooms, wheelchairs for seating and even drinks are served through IV bags and test tubes. You can dance the night away in the 'morphine room', and if you are feeling a bit sleepy, there are plenty of hospital beds to choose from. Let's just hope you feel better soon!

Baby Loves Disco (Everywhere)

This travelling disco highlights how clubbing can be suited for all ages. Developed by a professional dancer and mother from Philadelphia, these events travel all over the world and are hosted in various nightclubs during the afternoon, with the aim to attract groovy children and babies. Pumping out 80s tracks and classic tunes, the fruit juice keeps on pouring and the carrot stick snacks are simply to die for. Where else would you be able to find diaper-changing stations next to a glittering dancefloor?

Many may tell you that what makes a night out is the company you are in, but you cannot deny that all of these hotspots sound strangely alluring. Have a night you will either never forget or have a problem remembering the morning after.

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