La Tasca introducing new coffee machines

Espresso machines are an important tool in the hospitality trade – and not just in dedicated coffee shops.

People in hospitality jobs in places like restaurants need to use them for those after-dinner lattes, while bars have also become more and more likely to serve espresso-based drinks over the years, alongside beer, wine and spirits.

La Tasca is set to revamp its restaurants' coffee machines, and recently announced alongside Lavazza that it is bringing in the latter's Lavazza BLUE machines in all of its UK outlets.

This is a capsule espresso machine, which uses capsules of coffee to create espresso.

"We have made the decision to replace all of our current espresso equipment with the new Lavazza system, which sees La Tasca being the first major high street casual dining operator to switch to this system, yet again staying one step ahead of the competition," said CEO of La Tasca, Simon Wilkinson.

"We are thrilled to be entering into this new relationship – and, as revolution is at the forefront of everything we do, looking for innovative ways to develop our guest offering continues to inform our decision making."

Meanwhile, Starbucks, one of the most famous coffee shop brands on earth, recently made an announcement that could be read as seeing the company take a step further towards making its UK outlets more like restaurants.

It's rolling out the Starbucks Evenings scheme to several of its UK coffee shops – which means that in these places, beer and wine will be served in the evenings, alongside new food like braised beef and macaroni and cheese.

Already in place in a range of US Starbucks, the scheme has made its UK debut at the Stansted Airport branch.

Image: Thinkstock