Kids’ book bundles introduced at Jurys Inn hotels

You might think that bookshop workers and librarians, and not people in hotel jobs, would be asked for books during the course of their work.

But at a handful of Jurys Inn hotels, it seems that receptionists might be getting used to being asked for a decent read for the little ones.

The brand reports that, all this month, guests can ask for a bundle of children's books from reception, if they're staying at the Derby, Glasgow, Southampton or Plymouth Jurys Inn branches. 

The initiative kicked off on March 2nd and was inspired by World Book Day, which took place March 5th.

This book themed occasion saw children and teachers in many UK schools head to lessons in the guise of characters from books.

Jurys Inn says it has introduced the books offer, which is free, as a way of encouraging mums and dads to share a story with the little ones at bedtime. The book bundles involved feature titles suitable for a range of ages.

"Recently, we have become aware that the well loved tradition of bedtime storytelling is on the decline, so we have introduced our complimentary book bundles in a bid to help bring this family tradition back," explained group marketing manager for Jurys Inn, Suzanne Cannon.

"For us, it’s very much about making this as easy as possible for families staying with us, and that is why we will be providing guests with us lots of wonderful books for parents and their children to get lost in."

For parents, bringing a well loved book along on a trip could be a way of helping their child feel at home when they stay in a hotel.

Hotels that have not done something similar may wish to follow in Jurys Inn's footsteps and consider having some reading material to hand for guests.