Jurys Inn offered ‘aphrodisiac pillows’ for Valentine’s

Valentine's Day weekend will have been busy for many people in hospitality jobs, as they served couples trying to make the most of the occasion.

Jurys Inn tried something very unusual during the weekend: 'aphrodisiac pillows'.

Announcing the move in the run-up to the day itself, it explained that a scent called Pillow Talk had been made for the hotel group, featuring black pepper, sandalwood, ylang ylang and jasmine.

People staying at Jurys Inn UK hotels on February 14th or 15th were able to ask for the pillows in their rooms to be spritzed with this scent.

Marketing manager Suzanne Cannon explained that the group wanted to bring fun to Valentine's Day.

"Studies have shown that certain smells can have a huge impact on the brain causing reactions that can even make people irresistible to the opposite sex," said director Lisa Hipgrave, from the International Fragrance Association UK.

4160Tuesdays made the scent for Jurys Inn, and craft perfumer from the company, Sarah McCartney, said that while it couldn't be guaranteed the scents involved would lead to love, if someone smells good and feels good, it's likely they'll create "a spark with a special someone this Valentine’s day."

She explained the scent's ingredients, such as reputed aphrodisiac jasmine; sandalwood, which has a long history as part of 'seductive scents' and ylang ylang, which people say soothes anxiety.

Other Valentine's activity that people in hospitality jobs will have been aware of include restaurants offering set menus to tie-in with the day, extra advertising to encourage people into a venue for the occasion and more.

Next up, hospitality venues are likely to be focusing their special occasion planning on Mother's Day and Easter trade.