Jurys Inn analyses guest breakfast habits

Jurys Inn has looked into its guests' breakfast habits at Irish and British hotels.

A look at the activity of one million people who ate their morning meal in a Jurys Inn during the initial half of 2014 shows that British guests have been eating close to twice the number of bacon rashers, sausages and eggs as Irish ones.

But Irish guests ate five times as much bran flakes and muesli as well as a total of some 25,000 probiotic yoghurts and 15,000 fruit pieces, the stats show.  

Irish guests had munched on 199,000 eggs at breakfast, as well as 198,000 sausages, 97,000 hash browns and 318,000 rashers of bacon, meanwhile.

They ate 3,640 white bread slices weekly and 5,800 brown bread slices.

Some 3,500 bananas were munched at Irish hotel breakfasts – making this the most popular fruit of the meal.

And up to the end of June, one million servings of tea were consumed in British and Irish hotels, and 110 litres of orange juice sipped every week in Irish hotels alone.  

“Serving up breakfast to thousands of people every day, we like to provide our customers with a range of options to start the day," explained Jurys Inn marketing manager, Suzanne Cannon.

Speaking about Irish hotels, she added: "While it’s undoubtable the “Full Irish” will always have a place in the nation’s heart, it’s great to see that our guests are also embracing a healthy lifestyle by feasting on fruit and cereals for what we all know is the most important meal of the day!”

Overall, the chain boasts 30 hotels in Ireland and the UK as well as the Czech Republic. These have more than 7,000 rooms between them.

While some will be making breakfast, other people in hospitality jobs at hotels will spend time making beds each morning.

Recently it was revealed that Travelodge manager Andrea Warner gained a Guinness World Record after she made-up a king sized bed in just 74 seconds at a special timed event.

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