January job hunt tips

As January approaches, some of us are set to redouble our job hunt efforts during what can be a dull post-Christmas month.

You might face extra competition from fellow job hunters using the new year as a reason to get their heads down and find new work. But there are some reasons we think January can be a good time to be a job hunter!

See what you think of these….

Use those long evenings

There's ice underfoot, it's pitch black at about 2.30pm and you've not got much cash – but at least if you're going to hit the sofa and stick on some TV in the evenings, you can use the extra time at home for a bit of a job hunt.

No, don't run away, it doesn't have to be a chore! Even though we wouldn't advise filling in an application form while watching the box, in these days of dual-screen entertainment it's hardly a big task to do online job searches while you're having an evening in with the TV on. Bookmark anything you find and you'll have it waiting to apply for the following morning.

Use those sales

Job hunters often spend a lot of time thinking about what it would be best to wear for an interview.

Late December and early January is a time of sales, meaning interview-appropriate attire is likely to be on offer at lower prices in a number of clothing retailers. It may be worth at least having a browse in case a really useful bargain comes up.

Use those resolutions

Your resolution to stop arriving at work late every day probably isn't going to look great on your CV. But if January sees you becoming part of a sports team or something similar, whack the activity onto your resume. In fact, there are plenty of resolution actions that could look good on your CV – provided you add them once you've actually stuck to the resolution, of course!

Use those contacts  

Are other people you know on the January job hunt? Why not ask them to keep an eye out for opportunities you can apply for, and do the same for them? It could help you avoid missing the perfect job ad.

Use those Christmas presents

That laptop is the perfect excuse to revamp your CV – and that smartphone could be great for checking out job ads on the train to work.

If you're lucky enough to have been given a Christmas present that might help you find work, the novelty of using your new toy could help make searching seem that bit more fun. 

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