Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen re-launched with new head chef

Jamie Oliver’s world-famous Fifteen restaurant will be re-launched with a new head chef, according to the London Evening Standard.

The restaurant in Hoxton will see a full renovation and an updated menu, whilst sous chef Jon Rotheram has been hired as head chef in order to run the kitchen. Mr Rotheram’s job will also be to oversee the training apprentices, which initially made this restaurant famous around the world.

The TV show ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’ saw the first 15 apprentices being trained in the restaurant’s kitchen, which needed to be opened both on time and on budget. Since the TV show, 120 apprentices have been trained on the project, 80 per cent of which are still working within the field. Hopes are that this new re-launch will create new hospitality jobs for youngsters.

Jamie Oliver said: “After ten successful years we’re giving Fifteen a complete makeover to really bring it up to date. Fifteen embraces a lot of things I really feel passionate about and remains the beating heart of what we do. It was the first of its kind when we opened ten years ago — a non-profit making restaurant giving young kids the chance of a decent future.”

The 37-year-old chef will be updating the menu with new dishes such as suckling pig and hay pies and grilled lamb sweetbreads with pickles and yoghurt.

Mr Rotheram used to be a chef at St John Hotel, which actually is one of Oliver’s favourite restaurants in the capital city. He added: “We want Fifteen to be a relaxed, fun, local restaurant where you can pop in, not have to spend a great deal if you don’t want to, and just have a good time.”

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