Jamie Oliver launches new concept restaurant in London

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has opened 'Jamie Oliver's Diner', a new concept semi-permanent restaurant, which will be open on Shaftesbury Avenue for the next three years.

Oliver joined forced with chef Potts Dawson in order to construct an 'American' menu that will also focus on both local and sustainable produce. The 'green' site will further be enhanced by having a zero per cent landfill policy. This means that all produce will be composted, recycled or upcycled, if not eaten.The diner will also be the first time Oliver has introduced a new concept to the public since the Union Jacks brand's first restaurant back in 2011.

The restaurant hopes to be open to customers until very late hours, and the menu will comprise of hot dogs, steak and porter pies, warm cornbreads with fruit compote, cobb salad, and much much more.

Jamie Oliver said in a statement: “The Diner is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and when the site came up, right in the heart of Piccadilly, I knew it was the right time. We’re going to have all the classics – proper sliders, pancakes and amazing dogs, alongside some seriously beautiful salads and gorgeous sides.

"The Diner is all about having fun – the menu will be seriously tasty but enjoying food is about balance so we’ll be making sure it’s really clear whether you’re choosing something saintly or a bit of a treat."

The restaurant opened yesterday (May 13th), with a hot dog element, 'Jamie Oliver's Doghouse' having already launched last week. Be sure to keep an eagle eye on the official website and on job boards for any vacancies in hospitality jobs that may be available.

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