It’s nearly Christmas job time!

Looking for hospitality jobs? Your search might be about to get a little bit easier.

In the run up to Christmas time, a range of industries, hospitality among them, start to take on staff as temporary, seasonal workers, to help them deal with the fact that things get that bit busier in the carol and mince pie season.

It's barely the end of the summer yet, but we're not jumping the gun with this talk of Christmas.

The thing is that if you're looking for festive season work, it's a good idea to be on the look out starting right about now.

Christmas isn't just a one or two day period in the world of retail, for example. The Christmas shopping period is an extended time of year where shops hope large numbers of people will be on the hunt for gifts.

And places like cafes and eateries may well be taking extra staff on in the coming weeks, too, to help them serve their extra Christmas customers.

That's besides the catering opportunities likely to be on offer at festive parties up and down the country.

Some people may already belong to agencies that will be able to give them extra shifts over Christmas in places like hotels or at festive parties, too. 

Here are four top tips that could help when it comes to getting festive work – geared towards short, seasonal contracts, rather than getting extra shifts through an agency you may already belong to.

Be flexible

Flexibility is often something employers are looking for when they take someone on for a Christmas role. Can you work whenever you'll be needed? If not, it might harm your chances of getting the job.

Start the search asap

Leave your Christmas jobs search until December and you may well be too late. You'll also not be able to get in as many shifts as you could otherwise. The Christmas rush – and the temps to go with it – will have come and gone by early January.

Accept that the job is temporary

If you think there's a chance a temp role could become permanent, by all means chase the opportunity. But remember that if you've taken on a short-term Chrismas contract, you should assume you're leaving come early January at the latest. Be on the look-out for other, more permanent, positions that you can apply for if you want to work for longer. The ideal would be to have something in the pipeline for as soon as your festive role is over.


You may get the chance to do a wide range of tasks during seasonal work, so remember to make a mental note of what they all are for your CV. And remember that you'll likely have a lot of busy times to deal with during your work, something that it's often good to note when listing your experience.

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