Incentivise your job hunt

When we're looking for a job because we're unemployed, we have some very clear incentives to be on the hunt: without a job, people likely won't have as much money as they need, for example.

Jobless job hunters may also have a lot more time to find work than those who want a new job, but are already working.

If you want to find new work, but also have a current job to concentrate on, you may be finding it harder to get that job hunt going properly, with everything else that's on your plate.

So we've come to the rescue, with a set of tips that might help you create or focus on incentives for your search.

Create an instant incentive

If you struggle to get motivated about filling in that application, why not try and incentivise yourself with a little treat – a 'carrot' to look forward to as a reward?

For example, if you set yourself a target – like applying for two jobs in two hours – then reach it, you get to watch two episodes of House of Cards with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. It's not a huge prize, but this sort of thing can certainly help create a bit of motivation while you work!

Another way of doing this is to make the treat and the job come at the same time. Instead of feeling like you have to be stuck at home on your day off job hunting, why not head to a coffee shop for the morning, treat yourself to a tasty cup of coffee shop brew, and look up job opportunities over the in-store Wi Fi?

Apply for things that will improve your life

You want to keep focussed on the reasons for your hunt, and use these as motivation. For example:

More money: Maybe you will get a salary hike if you get the sort of job you really want?

Better people for your needs: Are you not getting on with your colleagues and want a fresh start with new faces?

A more enjoyable job: Are you looking for something that will make you enjoy your time at work more?

A company you respect more: Perhaps you feel like the company you work for now is not an organisation you respect, and want to do a similar job, but for a company you have more faith in?

Being aware of these types of things will not only help you remain enthusiastic about your hunt, but will also help you pick which jobs to apply for.

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