‘I hate my job!’: Is it time to look for something new?

For many people, their job is their pride and joy, looking forward to getting up everyday and going to work. For a select few, however, their job has become so unbearable and they have remained stuck in a rut. So when is the right time to move on? Here are a few signs you should be looking for.

You are not being promoted

In this tough economic climate, promotions are scarce, but if people who joined the company after you are becoming more senior than you, this is a sign that you are either stagnating or not doing the job as well as you could be. Bosses will try to reinforce good performance by giving positive feedback, but something must be wrong if you are not receiving this. Try and not take this personally, as in some cases, managers simply do not appreciate the efforts of their employees, but this may be the right time to pack your bag and leave.

On the other end of the spectrum, it could just be that you do not even want to climb up your company's ladder. In three years' time, can you really imagine yourself in your boss's position? If not, you have probably lost interest in what you are doing and should be looking elsewhere.

You are just complaining

A good sign that the novelty of your job has worn off is if the only time you communicate with your work colleagues is to complain. There was a time when you would be enthusiastic and go for drinks with your peers. Now, the thought of even socialising with them puts you off, and when you do, it is to grumble about your hours or your boss.

You are not learning anything

When was the last time you tuned out of a team meeting? Yes, they can be extremely dull and many of us are guilty of doing it, but if it is becoming a regular thing, you need to ask yourself why. Ponder these questions: Have I heard all of this before? Am I even interested in what they are telling me? What should I have for lunch? If these questions seem familiar to you, it may be best to start the job hunt.

Generally, you should always be trying to learn something new so that you can be excited by your work and remain fresh.

You dread the next shift

Try and remember when you first got that job and how excited you were when your next shift came along. This was especially the case when you felt like you had finally cracked it and could do what was asked of you. However, if the idea of an eight-hour shift with your colleagues makes you run a mile, then why keep on with it? There are tonnes of hospitality jobs out there waiting for you.

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