How you could benefit from a hospitality apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are all the rage these days, particularly in the hospitality sector. An increasing number of companies across the UK are recognising that not only is the unique form of training great for their own needs, it also helps young people get their feet on the employment ladder.

Just starting out in the hospitality sector and wondering how an apprenticeship could benefit you? Our brief overview will tell you everything you need to know.

Study towards a nationally-recognised qualifications

It's always nice to be able to add to the 'Education' section of your CV, and if you're not tempted by traditional routes like university and college, then an apprenticeship is just the way to do this.

Competition at present is tough, particularly among those seeking hospitality jobs, so being able to stand out with nationally-recognised qualifications gained through a work placement could ensure you're never looking for work for long.

These could include a National Vocational Qualification at either level two or three in your chosen specialism, or skills-based technical qualifications, such as a BTEC. There are plenty of options available to you, so choose wisely.

Gain valuable work experience

As apprenticeships involve direct contact with an employer, you will gain a firm understanding of what makes businesses in the hospitality sector tick and learn valuable practical skills along the way.

You'll leave your training armed with the skills companies want, and this will make you considerably more employable. Not to mention it'll boost your confidence in your own abilities. Who knows, the firm you're working with might even offer you an opportunity after your initial training is complete! And even if they don't, your career prospects will be significantly better.

Earn while you learn

One of the biggest benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship is the fact you get paid for all your hard work. You can't say the same about a university degree now, can you? 

Research suggests the average apprentice earns more than £100,000 more throughout their lifetime than other employees. Instead of worrying about student loans, you'll be occupied with opening your first savings account and watching your earnings grow.

While the salary will be very basic, considering you're receiving a qualification at the end of your placement and fantastic on-the-job training, getting some cash in return is a real bonus.

Ongoing support

The world of work may seem like a tough place at first, but remember that your boss is there to help you and mould you into a model employee. They have your interests at heart, and will offer continuing support throughout your apprenticeship.

Any training that you receive will be tailored to your needs as much as theirs, and if you find yourself struggling with any part of the job, make sure you turn to them for help instead of swallowing your pride and looking for a solution yourself.

In summary, apprenticeships allow you to study towards a valuable qualification in a specialist area while learning the ways of a business and gaining first-hand experience. What could boost your career prospects more than that?