How to have fun and boost your CV at the same time!

Boosting your CV doesn't have to be a chore: Indeed, if you enjoy your job, you may be working towards an improved CV every day during 'office' hours and having a blast in the process.

We tend to be more likely to do our best when we're enjoying what we do, after all.

But your CV can also be boosted in fun ways outside of the world of work.

If you have the time, there are lots of great things you can do in your spare time to have a good time. And often these have the potential to enhance your CV, too.

Volunteer at a charity shop

Charity shops up and down the land need volunteers. You often won't have to spend very long each week helping out, just a morning or whatever you can manage will be enough.

If you're looking to work in public facing roles, and don't have any experience in this sort of job yet, charity shop work can be a great starting point. If you work the till or stock the shelves, you'll be meeting people all the time, while also helping a good cause. No employer can fail to be impressed by a candidate who helps charity in their spare time.

Music time

Being part of a choir, a band or a singing group is great fun if you're the musical sort. You'll be spending time meeting new people, possibly from all different walks of life, and gain experience performing in front of a crowd. It also shows that you have an interest in culture, which can look good to an employer!

Get involved in a baking group

Showing that you're a keen cook can help give the impression that you have an interest in hospitality when you're looking for a job in the industry. Baking groups are a popular way for people who love this popular activity to get together and share their hobby. It's a more social and specific thing to talk about on your CV than simply doing the odd spot of baking now and then, too.

Take to the stage

Taking to the stage is nerve wracking, but you'll meet some great people if you get involved in the local drama scene. And if you feel like your confidence could do with a boost the experience may even help here.

Read the industry news

It's fun to find out about a sector that you want to work in, and reading about the latest developments in the industry is a good way to do this. If your interviewer asks you about an industry specific issue, you'll know what they're talking about and be able to offer your own take on the matter if you keep up your current affairs reading.

Watch hospitality TV

Watching TV isn't normally a big CV booster, but if you have a passion for the latest cookery shows, hotel docs and the like, this could help you get a beginner's insight into the industry, and will be a useful way for a would-be employer to see that you're interested in it.