How to halve your job searching time

How to halve your job searching time

Hunting for a new role in the current employment market isn’t exactly like strolling down the road on a Sunday morning. Lots of job-seekers make the same mistakes over and over again, meaning they end up wasting half their precious job-hunting time applying for roles they’ve no hope of obtaining an interview for, let alone landing.
In desperation, many job-seekers take a scatter-gun approach, applying for any role without consideration as to whether they come even close to meeting the requirements re: experience, qualifications and demonstrable skills. The result is the creation of annoyed hiring professionals who have to sift through these useless applications in order to find the true talent.

Save everyone the hassle – do your homework!

Making sure you are applying for a role that will suit you is actually a two-step process. The first is to make sure the job is right for you. The second is to make sure that you are right for the job. If you can get through both stages before you even submit your application then you’ll know you actually have a decent chance of landing an interview.

Is the job right for me?

You need to be a little bit choosy when applying for roles, else there’s the chance you’ll end up in a job that you’ll hate, and you’ll have to kick the whole job-searching process off again. It may be a strange concept to some, but make sure you’re applying for a job that you might enjoy.

If you like challenges, then is the position challenging enough? Are there any aspects of the job that you might struggle with and that may end up causing you stress? Do you possess the abilities that the job asks for, or will you end up working too hard in order to compensate for your deficiencies?

If you can honestly say that it’s a job that’s suitable for you and that you genuinely have the ability to adequately perform what’s required, then you can move to step two.

Am I right for the job?

Here, you need to be honest with yourself. It’s no good going for a job with management needs just because you think you can manage people – you need to have success and experience behind you. You also need to appraise whether the company ethos matches what makes you comfortable. If you prefer to work for smaller companies, then should you apply for a job at a multi-national? Likewise, if you like the anonymity of working with large corporations, could you face the extra responsibilities and burden of being employed by a firm with less than a dozen employees?

Ask yourself this:

If I was in charge of finding the right person for this role, would I employ me?

By being honest and working hard to find roles where the answer to that question is an undeniable ‘yes!’, then you will be able to hone your job-seeking search towards opportunities that you actually have a substantial chance of landing. Not only are you much likely to be successful, you’ll save yourself countless hours in applying for jobs where your prospects of being triumphant are negligible.