Hotel manager becomes bed making record holder

A Travelodge manager now holds the world record for super-quick king size bed making.

Many people in hospitality jobs know how to get a bed made very fast, but almost none have made-up a kingsize bed within the space of 74 seconds.

Andrea Warner, 42, from Northamptonshire, has just gained a Guinness World Record for doing just that, however.

The bed-making wonder took on the task at Travelodge London Vauxhall.

Hundreds turned up to watch the rapid making-the-bed event play out.

The occasion was even filmed and put on YouTube, with the video showing Andrea begin her task with nothing but a bed with a bare mattress and a pile of bedclothes.

Her tasks in the record included putting the mattress sheet on, putting a duvet cover on the duvet – which also included buttoning the cover – adding the pillows, complete with pillow cases, and adding a bed runner.

"Seventy four seconds to make a king sized bed is an incredible achievement and it therefore gives us great pleasure to welcome Andrea into the record-breaking family," commented a spokesperson for Guinness World Records.

Ms Warner said she has made the bed more than 10,000 times during her Travelodge career.

"However in the run up to taking this challenge I was practising throughout the day and evenings. I even popped round to my family and friends houses to make their beds, just so that I could practice," she added.

Ms Warner has provided a range of advice about fast bed making, including having all the items before you start, in the order they are needed and near the bed. She also recommended fitted sheets as a time saver.