Hospitality jobs: How to nail that all-important interview

You sent off your CV and have now been called in for an interview. The first thing you should do is congratulate yourself as someone out there thinks that you must be perfect for the job. The next step will be to ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview.

Get clued up

If you walk into the interview knowing nothing about the company, you are simply asking for a rejection. Not only does it show employers that you are lazy but it will suggest that you are not interested in the position. A quick Google search will enable you to learn about the company, its history, current employees, competitors, and if the company has hit the headlines recently. Throwing in company facts and figures in your interview will definitely impress the bosses and set you apart from the other interviewees.
You can also undergo face-to-face research by going undercover. Visit the company in person as a customer and only by this way can you tell what will be expected of you as an employee. You will be able to see how well the customer service is, how clean the venue is and how presentable the staff are. It would not be recommended to slam the company at interview stage but offering new ideas and suggestions will be welcomed by employers.

The night is darkest before the dawn

The night before an interview can be a daunting time, but it is wise to have a clear head. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to do those last-minute tasks so that you are not rushing about in the morning. Pack your lunch, iron your clothes and make sure that you know how you are going to get to the interview venue. This may mean printing off directions and estimating how long you will need to get there, leaving an extra half hour in case you get delayed in traffic or accidentally get lost. It won’t harm you to get there early but being late is never a good impression. Finally, go over your notes one last time to make sure that you have not missed anything.

Whilst doing all of this is important, you also need to completely switch off. Whether it is having a nice bath or going to the cinema with friends, do whatever you need to, to take your mind off things. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that you have an early night. Usually waking up early the day before your interview will guarantee that you are tired enough to fall asleep at night.

Dressed to kill

It does not take a genius to know that you need to dress smartly and cleanly, with no stains in tow. It may be wise to ring up and ask what the interview will entail as a grounds tour may mean you need to dress appropriately. A final brushing of your teeth will ensure a dazzling smile.

The only other thing to say? Good luck. You’ll knock 'em dead.

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