Hospitality apprenticeships on the rise as applications increase

The hospitality industry could see an influx of well-trained young employees in the next few years, with more people now looking to apply for apprenticeships than heading to university. This could be good news for the sector, which offers a number of training roles through this sort of scheme. 

Research conducted on behalf of French hotel operator Accor found that in the past year there has been a 43 per cent increase in the number of online applicants for apprenticeships, while the number of roles becoming available through this route has risen by 24 per cent in the same period. 

Apprenticeships have become an alternative to higher education for many people, with some deciding that they are better placed to find work now rather than trying to challenge in a competitive market for graduates.

There can also be little doubt that the increase in tuition fees for universities, which now stand at up to £9,000 per year, has had an impact on the number of people who would rather work than study. 

In the study, Accor found that 30 per cent of parents would rather their child find a job straight from school rather than going to university, with seven in ten worried that their children would struggle to find work after they graduated. 

It was also discovered as part of the survey that the majority of people could appreciate the benefits of becoming an apprentice rather than a student. Some 94 per cent of respondents said that people are better placed to learn on the job, while seven in ten said relevant work experience is far more useful than unrelated study. 

Thomas Dubaere, managing director, Accor UK & Ireland, said: “There are many routes into a career and whilst university is one of these routes, there are also many alternatives. Apprenticeship schemes equip people with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to flourish in their chosen career."

An increasing desire to become an apprentice among young school leavers could improve the chances for companies to focus on offering a number of new hospitality jobs

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