Holiday budgets up this year, finds TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor research suggests that a British household’s holiday budget this year will be eight per cent higher than it was last year.

One in two holidays taken by Brits (49 per cent) will be UK based, the TripAdvisor TripBarometer research, carried out by Ipsos, suggests. The results appear in a report called Global Travel Economy.

Overall, Brit travellers’ average holiday budget per household is now £5,500 for the year, the research shows.

Among travellers from the UK who will be putting more money into holidays in 2015 than they did in 2014, 43 per cent are doing so to visit a personal wish list destination. Meanwhile, 38 per cent said they were doing so to travel long haul.

The survey covers an international scale, with over 44,000 participants, 3,735 of which were UK-based. These figures cover both consumers (people who research travel online and/or use TripAdvisor) and representatives of the hotel sector.

Globally, four out of ten travellers expect to increase their holiday spend in 2015.

‘The TripBarometer report paints a positive picture for travel this year, with travellers twice as likely to be increasing their holiday budgets than cutting their spending,’ TripAdvisor CMO, Barbara Messing, said.

‘Across the board, people want to take more international trips and Australia, Italy and the US continue to be the destinations topping travellers’ wish lists.’

Of course, the UK hospitality industry sees spend from global tourists.

And the UK seems to be a popular place to want to go in, for example, New Zealand, where four in ten people cite this as a dream place to have a holiday.

Seven in ten hotel industry managers and owners questioned internationally in the TripAdvisor research feel optimistic about profitability in the next twelve months. One in two are planning room rate increases this year. In Britain, the exact figure is 48 per cent.