Google Glass training at The Montcalm London Marble Arch

Capital-based hotel The Montcalm London Marble Arch has announced that it's the city's first hotel venue to give its hospitality workers training in the new wearable tech Google Glass.

Guest experience managers have been trained in using the tech to help them advise people staying at the hotel about places to eat, shop and see – among other things.

"The Montcalm London Marble Arch is always looking to be at the cutting edge of guest services and technology, and the use of Google Glass is a great way to combine the two," claimed Rahul Arora, who is managing director at Luxury Hotels Group – to which The Montcalm belongs.

Mr Arora took responsibility for leading the Google Glass training.

He added that we're at an early stage for the device in the UK, with Luxury Hotels Group excited about being a leader within the hotel sector.

He said that as more apps are brought out which would be suitable to employ in the setting, Montcalm staff are set to be the first people within the hotel industry to make use of them.

The managing director also said: "The basics of providing a great hospitality experience don't change – our staff are knowledgeable, friendly and courteous, but by using Google Glass we are enabling them to provide an extra dimension to an immaculate service."

The official statement about the move says that in using the tech, staff will have the chance to better engage with people coming to the hotel, keeping up eye contact and natural conversation while they find information – instead of needing to keep putting their gaze onto a screen. The move stops them having to be on the other side of a desk, too, it says.

Google Glass includes a see-through display, and users get the impression of looking at a screen suspended in the air ahead of them.

The Montcalm has made plans to bring in packages where people staying at the hotel can use the tech while there.

Janine Mallia is a guest experience manager at the venue and was among the first people there to get trained in using the tech.

She called the training "a really good experience". As well as saying using the specs was fun, she said they would let staff offer people coming to the hotel service that is "even better".

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