Glasgow city pubs to open until 1am

Pubs in Glasgow will be allowed to stay open until 01:00 BST, an extra hour longer than the current regulation.

The move brings Scotland's second city in line with Edinburgh and Aberdeen and has been brought in due to changing socialising habits. The Glasgow Licensing Board's decision will apply to around 225 premises within the area bordered by the M8, the Clyde and High Street to the east. However, it is expected that not all pubs will take up the option and those that do will restrict it weekends only.

It is part of a number of new pieces of legislation introduced by the Licensing Board, including the scrapping of the seven areas designed as "over-provision zones" where it has been deemed that there has been a saturation point with licensed premises. Bosses have instead designated new areas across the East End and South Side using information on the volume of licensed premises, alcohol-related hospital admissions and crime statistics.

Malcolm Cunning, chairman of the Glasgow Licensing Board, said: "We regard 01:00 BST opening for city centre bars as a sensible compromise for those who wish to stay out a little later but who do not want to go on to a nightclub to do so."

Other premises known as 'hybrids' operating as a bars are allowed to remain open until 03:00 BST on the provision that they provide entertainment while casinos, where alcohol is served until 06:00 BST, are facing a crackdown. A select number of the city's nightclubs have also been given an extra hour's opening time.

In 2005, the government introduced a new 24-hour opening amendment to the licensing laws in England and Wales. It meant that pubs, clubs and supermarkets had the right to sell alcohol around the clock but around 40 per cent of premises applied to vary their licence. This meant that they would be opening by an hour or two longer by offering food and entertainment.

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