Getting Education right on your CV

Education plays an important role on any CV. Whether or not you have qualifications that are directly relevant to the job you're applying for, most people have educational achievements they can show-off. 

What info to include

Normally, educational achievements are listed in reverse chronological order, so the qualification that you received most recently is at the top.

However, if you have especially relevant qualifications that you want to make stand out, you can always use creative ways to do that. Create a 'Hospitality Education' section and an 'Other Education' section, for example, use bold or add some pertinent bullet points to the top of the document.

In general, you want to include the name of the place where you took the course. Make sure that you get this exactly right, rather than using a version of the name that might be used informally, for example. It's a good idea to look up what the correct way to name an institution is online, to ensure you go for The University of Sheffield, for example, rather than the less correct Sheffield University.

You also want to list when you took each qualification. The month and year that you started and ended the course should suffice. Again, it's best to look things up if you need to, rather than guessing and risking inaccuracy.

The same goes when it comes to naming your course. What you're used to calling a course may not be its official title. That GCSE might have a longer more formal name than you remember, and it's best to get it right on an official document like this.

Remember to list your grades as well as any special educational achievements, such as awards. These could be listed within the education section itself, or in a separate section below if you prefer.

If you have space, it can be a good idea to outline things that particular courses gave you that could help you in the job you're applying for. For example, perhaps a drama course has made you a more confident people person, which could help in public facing work?

It's not just about the grades

Grades and formal courses are one thing, but make sure you show off what you did outside of uni or school on your CV too, if it's at all relevant.

That doesn't just mean your uni job in a bar (which of course you would list as past work) but also things like helping charity, being in plays and doing sport – all of which will help a would-be employer get to know you a bit through your CV, and could help give them some fun, informal things to ask you about at interview. 

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