Getting a job in a hotel

Travelodge recently gave word that it wants to open over 150 more UK hotels within the course of the coming eight years – and that this could bring about some 3,000 fresh jobs, including hotel jobs.

Such news is always going to be positively received by those in hospitality jobs in this part of the industry – or who are looking for work in the sector.

But although it's a big player, Travelodge is far from the only company out there who may want to employ you in a hotel job if you have appropriate talents.

Whether you're interested in a larger chain or a small independent hotel, here are some things that could help you secure hotel work.

Pick your roles

Applying for the roles that most fit what you have to offer is sure to boost your chances of application success. You're unlikely to become head chef with no previous experience, for example, but perhaps you would stand a chance at securing hotel bar work.

Within a typical hotel, there are various jobs you could have. There may be bar work, waiting work, cleaning work, reception work, chef jobs and management positions, for example. Sometimes, roles may be merged somewhat, allowing you to get different types of experience in the same job.

Get the right help

The great thing about hotel jobs is that they're relatively easy to come by, so you should be able to find plenty to apply for. Want a helping hand with the process? Joining a recruitment agency like us can really help everything go swimmingly!

Work on your CV

Sometimes you'll be making applications using a CV, sometimes an application form. But even though you won't be doing much writing in most hotel jobs, it pays to put in the time to make sure you can craft the perfect, compelling career story on these documents.

You're best off knowing your CV is awesome and then making applications, rather than cutting your chances by using a poor quality CV in a rush.

Even if you think writing isn't your strong suit, remember that there is plenty of very specific and useful advice out there about this area. Getting feedback on the document could also help you instantly see what any possible issues are.

Learn about the industry

Why do you want to work in hotels? Not only is this the sort of question that's likely to come up in a hotel job interview, it's something you should be able to answer so you know for yourself exactly why you're heading down this career path.

We've all stayed in hotels, but that doesn't mean we know everything about what makes them tick. While you're on the job hunt, things like watching TV shows about the industry, catching up on news – especially if it relates to a company you've applied for work with – and talking to people who are already a part of the sector, are all worthwhile activities.