Full English on top in hotel breakfast poll

Eight in ten people think a hotel's breakfast offering is important, according to recent research.

The Hotel.info poll, which questioned customers in six different nations in Europe, also shows that around one in three only let themselves spend 30 minutes to finish their hotel breakfast. Two in three take an hour or more to complete the first meal of the day when they stay in a hotel.

Four in ten customers show a preference for a full English hotel brekkie, with sausage, eggs and bacon. That rises to 49 per cent among English customers.

Internationally, a quarter prefer a sweet continental option and one in ten a 'sport breakfast' with things like wholemeal bread, muesli and fruit salad.

Also given as a possible option in the poll was something called a 'sparkling wine breakfast' – which may come as something of a surprise to UK customers who don't normally drink before midday.

In the survey, 26.1 per cent of Europeans overall showed a preference for this type of breakfast – which features sparkling wine, smoked salmon croissant, sliced sausage and more – meaning it narrowly beat the sweet continental (24.4 per cent).

The stats show that 15 per cent of customers would pay over €16 (£13) for a hotel breakfast, 42 per cent would pay €11 to €15 (£9 to £12) and 42 per cent €5 to €10 (which works out at £4 to £8).

For the purposes of the poll, an English Breakfast involves toast, white bread, sausage, fried and scrambled egg, grilled tomatoes and cheese, with corn flakes, a fruit salad and some fruit juice to drink.

The sparkling wine breakfast includes sparkling wine, croissants, rolls, sliced sausage, butter, jam, cheese and some smoked salmon. The continental was listed as a more simple affair with croissants, rolls, jam or marmalade and butter.

The so-called sport breakfast includes fruit, wholemeal bread, buttermilk, cornflakes, fruit, muesli, orange juice, low fat curd cheese and low fat yoghurt.