Four tips for new job, day one

Starting a new job is something we all get nervous about – whether it's our first ever position or just the latest step in a long-established career path.

Every job is different, but there are some tips that will almost always help you to get things off to a good start when you walk through the door on day one. Here are just four examples.


Saying hello and introducing yourself to everyone you meet is a must. With any luck, you'll have someone to show you around and make the formal introductions, but if you don't it's never going to make a bad impression to make the effort to say hi – just remember to wait for a moment when the person you're saying it to isn't in the middle of something that needs all their attention!

Basic things you want to be covering are who you are and what your new job is, who they are and what they do. It's simple stuff, but how many of us have ended up being in a job for years and not having spoken to everyone? Make an effort to stop this happening as soon as you arrive!

Remember those names!

You've got a hard task ahead: So many names to learn! There are a range of great memory tips out there that can make remembering names that bit easier, but one of the most basic is: listen when they tell you their name! It sounds silly, but when you're nervous and being introduced to new people, sometimes it's easy to let details like this slip by as you focus on not saying anything embarrassing! So when someone tells you their name, pause to commit it to memory – make an active effort, and it could well pay off!

Be enthusiastic – but don't rush it!

Showing enthusiasm, smiling and showing you're happy to have the job are great first day tips. You may have big plans to ask for overtime, take any opportunity that comes up and win your manager over to fresh ideas – but although ambition is always great in a job, don't overwhelm your colleagues by trying too hard to prove you can do it all in week one.

Unless you're a leader – and in some cases, even if you are one – it's best to be led by what others tell you to do in your first few days, and remember you're a learner, not a teacher. If, for example, you see a way to improve a system, wait for an appropriate moment later in your time with the company to bring this up with the right person, don't question it on your first day.

Don't be afraid to ask!

As a new starter, you're expected and allowed to ask questions! You don't know anything about how things work at your new job yet – but the other people around you will be busy with their own tasks, and though they should tell you everything you need to know automatically, this might not always happen. Always ask in the early days, whether it's something simple like when you're allowed to take lunch, or a more detailed explanation about how a certain system works, someone should be more than happy to provide you with an answer!

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