Four key hotel roles – which one is for you?

As a guest you might not stay for more than a few nights, but as a member of the central team who keep everything running in a hotel, you may well be there every day, helping to make the venue as wonderful as possible for visitors.

If you're hoping to move into the world of hospitality jobs by working in a hotel, you'll know that there's a really wide range of roles to go for, many of which you may be able to get into as an entry level position.

Here are just four of the hotel roles that could suit a first jobber – you may find some appeal more to you than others, depending on the sort of work you're looking for.


People looking to be a receptionist are perhaps more likely than those wanting one of the other types of role we've list here to need some prior experience. If you're going for hotel reception jobs and not yet able to get one, consider how you could boost your experience in this direction, perhaps with some work experience volunteering or work in another part of the hotel.

Answering the phone and greeting guests are just two parts of a receptionist's job.

Some things you'll ideally need: Impeccable presentation, the ability to stay calm in all circumstances, a winning smile.

Kitchen porter

Porter work can be the start of a long and fulfilling career in the kitchen. It's a way to get a taste of how kitchens work, and busy hotel food preparation areas will need your help helping out with food, filling the pot wash and more. This might be an option for those who prefer to stay behind the scenes, as porters tend to be away from the main dining area for the most part. 

Some things you'll ideally need: The ability to remain enthusiastic at all times, to take instruction from your superiors and take pride in a wide variety of tasks.

Waiter or waitress

Do you think you could carry a tray without a second thought, while also taking care of customers with charm? We've all seen waiting staff while eating out, but the job is more varied – and sometimes more challenging – than you might think. Like all hotel jobs, though, it has a lot of plus points. Great for if you want to meet people and work around food at the same time.

Some things you'll ideally need: Good coordination, people skills and presentation.

Housekeeping staff member

Some of us aren't big fans of cleaning – but some of us love it! Making sure everything is spic and span can feel therapeutic, and that's certainly a way of thinking about the task that would pay off for a member of housekeeping staff as they work to make sure rooms are all pristine, without disturbing any guests!

Some things you'll ideally need: Neatness, an eye for making sure things are completely clean.