Five top tips for the perfect interview

You nailed the CV, you got through the phone interview, but now it’s time to meet your potential employers face-to-face. Many believe the final interview is the hardest part of the job seeking process, but it really shouldn’t be. 

You’ve done the hard part already. Now it’s just a case of giving that last little effort to make sure the job is yours for the taking. 

Here are five top tips for the perfect interview.


It should go without saying, but a newly dry-cleaned suit and an ironed shirt, or a smart skirt and blouse combination, will help you to make the perfect first impression.

Gents should shave or at least groom their facial hair, while the ladies should keep their make-up minimal and as natural as possible. 

If you eat or drink before your interview, remember to check you don’t have any crumbs on your clothes or bits stuck in your teeth. Try and stick to water and subtly flavoured foods.

If you need to take documents with you, keep them in a new folder that you can carry in a bag. Don’t fold them or crumple them up. 


Confidence can be a battle, especially before a tough interview. However, try not to let the situation overwhelm you. Before you step in to the interview room, take a couple of calming breaths to try and settle your nerves.

It is becoming something of a cliche, but a firm handshake automatically gives the impression that you are a confident individual. Smile and try to give your interviewers regular eye contact and don’t get distracted by other things in the room. 

Speak clearly and concisely, and try to answer questions as succinctly as possible. 


Remember to always say please and thank you, and even bless you should the situation arise. Being polite can make a real difference, as it is not only courteous to your interviewers, but it also demonstrates good people skills that are sure to be transferable to the hospitality job you are applying for. 
When the interview is over, be sure to let them know your gratitude for taking the time to speak to you. 


It’s likely the interviewer will ask you a few questions during the interview. This will not just be about you, but also the job you are applying for.

Be sure to research the job and remember the skills and abilities you need to bring to the table in order to be successful in the position. Furthermore, consider things that you have done that will make you more suitable for particular roles, such as anything that has demonstrated leadership, solo working abilities or customer service. 

It is also advisable to research the history of the company or business you are interviewing for. If you can discuss the company’s origins, mantra and perhaps role in the wider community or market sector, your interviewer is sure to be impressed. 


This ties in to the research. If you can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the role, it shows you are enthusiastic about the job on offer.

Instead of simply listing what you have achieved in other positions in the past, explain why you are particularly proud of those moments. If you still have things to learn, express a desire to go further in the hospitality industry.