Five interview hacks that could save you stress!

If you want to get hospitality jobs, and other types of work, you'll normally have to attend an interview first!

We've got lots of tips in this section of the site for that. Today, we look at five 'hacks' that could make a difference to your day!  

Memorise the name

Much of the time, you will be told the name of the person interviewing you before you head to the meeting. It's easy to forget what this is, though.

Although drawing a blank won't really impact your chances of getting the role, why not boost your confidence by ensuring you know the person's name? Take the time to actively put it to memory, so you know who to ask for on arrival at the interview venue, and can greet them professionally.

Buy the outfit now

An interview outfit is one of those things that's easy to rely on when you have one, but can cause lots of stress if you don't.

If you're on the job hunt, even if you've yet to secure an interview, buy now!

It will stand you in much better stead to have the outfit ready to go the moment someone asks you to meet them. The alternative could involve rushing around before your meeting, trying to find items that look right.

Also, interview clothes cost money, and buying early means you have extra time to find good deals.

Your go-to outfit could just be something very simple, the bare basics (such as a blouse and smart skirt). Then, if you find you have the luxury of time to think about what you wear before an interview, you can add to these foundations at leisure.

Hit record  

We wouldn't advise you recording an actual interview. You'd need to ask the permission of the person asking you questions, and that could seem a little strange to them!

But if you want to check exactly what you look or sound like in an interview, we all have the tech these days to do just that. Set up your phone or laptop to video you as someone you know fires practice questions. Note what you look and sound like – nervous? confident? distant? engaged? – and consider how you might improve these points.

Get a second opinion

Arrange for a friend to be ready on the day of your interview to give your outfit and smartness-level the thumbs up. They don't have to be in the room, just send them an image of yourself on your phone or computer!

This is a great way to get a confidence boost before your meeting, or iron out small issues with your appearance. One thing to remember, though, is that your friend might miss your message, so don't worry too much if you don't hear back! Think of this as an added little extra, it's not vital!

Weather check

Wet hair isn't really a legitimate reason to turn someone down for a job – but chances are you'll feel less like the confident professional you are if you arrive at the interview with the effects of with wind and rain clearly showing on you.

Ensure you have an umbrella and a good coat. And check the forecast! This could help you avoid ending up with your appearance compromised by unexpected weather. Some people find that their coat doesn't quite match the smartness of their interview outfit. But if that's the case, simply remove once you're in the building and pop it in a smart bag, or carry it under your arm.