Five Christmas presents a job hunter might have on their list!

Trying to get a job can involve quite a bit of shopping – not least for things to wear for interviews.

If you're currently trying to find a new job, maybe you have some of the sorts of items we've listed here on your Christmas list? If people are generous and savvy with what they give you on the 25th, it could even boost your job hunt!

Interview wear

A smart shirt or blouse can be a cornerstone to a smart interview outfit, and many job hunters learn to have one ironed and ready to go, just in case an interview comes up!

There are lots of other gifts that could form part of your interview outfit: smart ties and socks are obvious examples of classic Christmas gifts for men that could be used as interview wear – though that novelty festive tie might not be the best choice for a meeting with a potential employer!

If you are lucky enough to have someone who will buy you something to wear for Christmas, it's sometimes best to go along when they pick it out, to ensure a good fit.

And remember that clothes, like many other items, are often cheaper in the Sales following Christmas. Asking for gift vouchers then shopping in the Sales could mean your gift goes further.


Technology is a big part of the job hunting process. For example, a shiny new laptop could certainly prove to be a good tool for a lucky job hunter who wants to find the latest openings online on jobs sites, send off digital applications and the like.

Pampering items

If you're in the midst of the job hunt, be sure to ask for some nice treats for Christmas. That bar of chocolate or bath bomb could come in really handy when you want to pamper yourself as a treat for completing an excellent application or, indeed, to commiserate yourself when an application has proven unsuccessful.

Tea and coffee

If you're sat at home firing off applications, it's always good to have something nice to hand to drink, so maybe you'll have your fingers crossed for a speciality tea or coffee to sip while you scour the job ads? Or, if you need one, a new kettle!

Grooming goodies
Clean nails, neat hair, a good shave. It's a good idea to look pristine when it comes to attending an interview. This can sometimes mean using beauty and grooming products, so that new electric toothbrush, hair wax or shaver could prove very useful when the big interview comes along in the new year!