Five career resolutions for 2015

There are a lot of different things people have on their mind come New Year's Eve – and many of them are a little more serious than whether they've remembered to buy in the champagne!

We tend to consider what the past year has brought us and think about how the one to come could take us further towards our dreams, at this transitional time.

Career considerations are all part of that, so here are five resolutions that could help you boost your work life in 2015.

Leave that job

Maybe this isn't the first year that you've promised yourself you'll find a new job because you're just not happy in the one you're doing at the moment.

But the question is, how are you going to ensure that actually happens this time around? New moves that could make all the difference include getting the help of a recruitment organisation like Berkeley Scott, who will do some of the leg work for you.

You could also make yourself boost your job hunt and application efforts in other ways. Sometimes when we think we've been on the hunt, it can turn out we've actually only applied for a handful of roles over the course of twelve months.

Polish your CV

This could help in the job hunt. There are lots of ways that a CV can be improved, some of which are linked to presentation, some to content.

Why not get a friend who works in the industry you want to penetrate or find new work in to give you some feedback, for example?

If you need to boost presentation, there are many advice articles on this very site that could help with things like layout and wording choices.

The same is true if it's the content itself that doesn't seem right: maybe this year is the year you enroll for that skills-boosting vocational qualification or do some extra work experience to help show employers reading your CV that you are serious about working in their industry?

Get promoted

Resolve to get a promotion and it could end up in numerous great results, even if you end 2015 in the same role. For example, having a goal like this could well motivate you to seek new responsibility and experiences at work, in an effort to prove your worth.

All this will be perfect CV material and help you feel you're getting new things out of the job. So it will be worth it, even if the promotion itself doesn't come through.

Balance life and work

If work is becoming overwhelming, perhaps it's time to get things balanced.

How you do this will depend on your circumstances but, for example, if it's a long commute that's stretching your working days out too much, perhaps start job hunting closer to home or consider whether now is the time to move closer to work. If you feel like you're putting in too many hours, start saying no to those extra shifts sometimes and use the free time to recuperate.

Give better interviews

Many of us are not as confident about our interview skills as we'd like to be. One thing that doesn't help here is that often, if someone tells you you've been unsuccessful after an interview, you won't hear anything about why this was – which can lead to a feeling that maybe you didn't make the impression you needed to.

Requesting feedback can help here, although sadly that won't always mean feedback is forthcoming. If you want to boost your interview skills, treat each interview as a chance to impress a little more than the last. Read up on tips, take part in mock interviews to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and remember to always properly prepare for this type of meeting – it's a big confidence booster when you do.